In order to meet the needs of our customers, we carry out the process of planning, implementing and controlling the necessary procedures for moving to the new adresses from the place where the home and office equipments are located.
In the process of transportation from house to house, the following steps are carried out and the result is reached.

  • Dismantling and packaging
  • Transportation of goods to the vehicle
  • Transport of goods to new address
  • Transport of goods to new house
  • Installation and placement of the goods to the desired location
All these services are undertaken by professional home-to-home transporters that we have negotiated.

Rent and Dues Payment Tracking System

Did not your tenant deposit this month? Are you tired of dealing with your tenants? Do you have problems about rent increases with your tenants?
Our company carries out rent follow-up for rented properties that it gives to the owners in case of request of property owners, this service is done with payment. Rental services will be determined within the scope of the request of the lessor; It covers topics such as leasing, getting the rent , follow-up of real estate tax, giving of rent income statement, follow-up of legal processes when necessary, etc.
Are you living abroad or out of town? Our company gives two main groups of rent tracking services.
The first is property owners who live abroad or live outside the city and have a real estate in Giresun . They do not take care of their real estate because of their distances, and because of this lack of interest they do not get enough benefit from their property.
The second one is Clients who live in Giresun and who have problems between their tenants and want to maintain distance from their tenants. A rental relationship is an ongoing relationship that remains in effect for the duration of a rental contract. Building a good tenant and host relationship is a very difficult business. Occasionally it is often seen that both sides have abused the other side's good intentions or inexperience. For this reason, they need a mediator to mutually protect the rights of the parties who objectively approach the events and problems.
Our company is serving to the owners who live in distant places as well as those who have problems with their tenants with the understanding of professional rent pursuit.
Do not forget that distant real estate is far away from the eyes !

Professional Apartment and Site Management

Do you want to solve all your management problems by working with a professional apartment manager? We are ready to help you to undertake the management of public housing areas such as Apartment & Site or to reduce the workload of existing administrators and to realize them all in a lawful, transparent and reliable way...

Paint Repair Renovation Works

Do you need to paint, whitewash, renovate, repair or rearrange your residence or workplace? We are trying to make your work easier with our experienced and expert team that our company has in providing all the services and trades you need. We are ready to give you a good quality service with affordable price without any price plus in line with your expectations.
We are experts in the following services :

  • Kitchen design and installation
  • Bathroom Fittings
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Glass and PVC Doors and Windows
  • Locksmith
  • Floor coverings
  • Roof
  • Gutters, bottoms and foreheads
  • Paint and Decoration
  • Faience
  • Woodworking
  • Interior Design Consultancy
Whatever job we desire from us, it is our righteous pride to complete and deliver the work in accordance with the standards of quality workmanship and materials in the determined time.
Do not worry if you live away for all these services. We regularly send you all the details regularly from the first step to the end of the services we offer you by reporting and photographing
All services we offer for you will not exceed the specified fees, no extra payment will be charged and your budget will not be compromised.

Expertise and Appraisal Report

If you want to buy an estate and you want to make sure that the value of the property will be bought. Our company provides 'valuation service' to you. Property Valuation reports are 2 types. Property valuation and project evaluation with feasibility report Our company is cooperating with licensed independent appraisers (valuation experts) who are audited by CMB (Capital Markets Board) and perform appraisal activities.
Real Estate Expert Report Content :

  • Land Register Information
  • Map and Location information
  • Current Immovable Photos
  • Peer Real Estate Values
  • Possible Value of the Property
  • Analysis of legal situation in municipal / title / cadastral directorates
In the Real Estate Appraisal Report, there are appraisal requests, claims coverage, properties of real estate properties as well as other minimum valuation information that should be included. The quality and physical / legal conditions of the real estate are included.

Smart Home Systems

Today, we manage the projecting and installation processes of Smart Home Systems, which combine comfort and safety in residential and work places through the possibilities provided by technology.

Legal Counseling

Removal of Shareholder Disputes, Completion of Inheritance-Transfer Procedures, Legal Counseling Service, All Deed and Municipal Transactions (Putting measures, removing the harassment, tawhid, issuance etc.)